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Silverlight Resizable Grip Container Control

Uploading on GitHub Soon. Advertisements

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ASP.NET Client-Server tool.

This is a tool I whipped up. Its a simple one-click application that acts as a localhost server and runs an application. The core works fine without any crashes yet. I need to do a few improvements so I … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer Facebook Sharing Plugin

Technical Level: Beginner Content: Creating a Windows Live Writer¬† Plugin. Performing instructions after a blog is posted with Windows Live Writer. Using the Facebook API with the .net framework to share a link. Tools Used: Visual Studio 2008. .Net Facebook … Continue reading

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Silverlight/WPF – Binding object properties to multiple elements

Technical Level: Beginner Problem: Binding an object to multiple elements/controls on a xaml page. Solution: Very simple, just put all your controls in a container and bind the object to it using the DataContext property.

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Generating Silverlight WCF Proxy Class Manually

Technical Level: Intermediate Problem: For some developers, when using visual studio’s built in service reference proxy generator tool gives an error when generating the client code. This is when I try to add a service reference in the solution explorer … Continue reading

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Test Windows Mobile Device Against Localhost Webservice

Technical Level: Intermediate Problem: To test the emulation of Windows Mobile against a web service hosted in localhost has been a problem for many developers. I have yet to find an official method of using the device emulator in visual … Continue reading

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