ASP.NET Client-Server tool.

This is a tool I whipped up. Its a simple one-click application that acts as a localhost server and runs an application.

The core works fine without any crashes yet. I need to do a few improvements so I can submit my game in 1 package and start the project without navigating to it. Stay tuned for more updates on this little application.

The download is located on the left in a widget. The file is called XorianaServer.exe.


My machine is vista sp2 and I’ve tested it on a windows 7 also. But this is what I think it requires:

.NET 3.5 SP1.

Official Description:

Xoriana Server is a local client server that can run ASP.NET 3.5 and under projects the same way visual studio’s internal server does.  (WebDev.WebServer.exe) There are many servers like this around including those used by commercial 3rd party control creators such as Telerik, ComponentOne and Infragistics. This is where I got my idea from.

Start XorianaServer.exe.
Browse to the root path of where you project is located. That is for example, the folder that Default.aspx is located.
There is a default port and virtual path set, if they are already in use, you can change them.

Anyone is free to use this tool, distribute it or whatever.

Future Updates:

  1. GUI tuneup, icons, etc.
  2. Parameter Passing.
  3. Minimize to System Tray.
  4. Memory Optimization. (This currently uses 23MB+ Ram)
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